Not sold

Char not sold.
12.5 Mio SP now.

4b bid

To less sorry

What is the eveboard pass?


Daily bump

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Ishtar pilot without Gallente Cruiser 5 and HAC skills?

Skilltraining ongoing! Payed until October.
14 Days until GALC 5 and HAC 4

Offers until 15 September then Closed.
Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Bump up that Jam daily

5BIL here

Se inittial Quote

2 days until rejecting offer.

4 bil ready

Not for this look WTS 5.6M SP Basic Character Cybernetics 5 3.5B OBO
Witrh nearly half SP.
Tomorrow last Bidtime then i use him as a Covert Camp char :slight_smile:

5BIL +