Sale canceled

Sale canceled.

5 bil

Daily Bump

My offer is still good if you want to sell

Thanks, Hoping to get a little more. Will give it a few more days

I bid 7 B.

I’ll be home in about 3 hrs. If no higher offers I will take it.

Ready now , send isk and I will start the transfer. If I get a higher bid before the I will take it, its now at 7,1 mil sp and I forgot to mention he has 2 x plus 5 implants and cybernetics 5 is done. That’s almost 2 bil in extract-able skills

I’ll take it as last buyer has gone MIA. As before though, if someone pays more before you do I will take theirs as buyers are very flimsy and bid and many times you never hear from them. On now.

Still for sale, seems both previous buyers decided not to bother.

5,1 bil

Still for sale

Still for sale

5.5 bil

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