(Kleoptoleme) #1


(Porke) #2

12 BIL

(Dave Argon) #3

Gift it to me ? :open_mouth:

13B ? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kleoptoleme) #4

Not bad, you are only about 217 billion short of me wanting to talk with you :stuck_out_tongue:

Try harder, try again

To the person who contacted me in game, I could not reply to you as you had auto reject on, but I have updated the clone information as you wanted, I hope it helps .

(Azure Wyvern) #5

185B isk

(Breatas Avarike) #6

that calibration 4 looks really akward among all these skills

(TxivYawg1) #7

190 bil

(Maizie Fields) #8

196 bil

(Kleoptoleme) #9

We are getting closer, I will do the transfer today when I get home if you bid 230 billion.

(Kleoptoleme) #10

Daily Bump

(TxivYawg1) #11

198 bil

(Maizie Fields) #12

200 bil

(TxivYawg1) #13

202 bil

(Maizie Fields) #14

204 bil

(Suzuke) #15

206 bil

(Kleoptoleme) #16

Almost there, just a little further :slight_smile:

(Azure Wyvern) #17

210B has to be tommorow tho but will send isk qnd account if u accept

(Kleoptoleme) #18

I would accept that offer Sir

(Kleoptoleme) #19

As the winning bidder did not have the cash to complete the sale this sale is now closed.

Thank you

(system) #20

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