Sale closed

(Hel Nyx) #1

No longer for sale

(Colonel Mo) #2

ill start with 5b

(Hel Nyx) #3

Thank you for your bid, I am trying to get to or close to 7 Billion ISK for the toon. However if you want to make a deal tonight I will sell for 6.5 Billion ISK

(Arielle en Distel) #4


(Hel Nyx) #5

6.5 and its sold :slight_smile:

(Arielle en Distel) #6


(Hel Nyx) #7

ok send isk and account info logging in now

(Hel Nyx) #8

online now can start convo whenever your ready

(Hel Nyx) #9

Havent heard back from bidder toon is back up for sale. B/O is set at 6.5 Billion ISK.

(Hel Nyx) #10

Great toon here BUMP

(TypingTot) #11

would you take 5bil?

(Hel Nyx) #12

I think 6 Billion is the lowest I will take

(Hel Nyx) #13

Daily Bump B/O set at 6 Billion ISK

(system) #15

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