Closed auction

Not selling anymore.

Noticed, ty for bidding from the minimum :wink: !

Since I made the post today, I keep the auction open for a while, lets see if more offers will come.

Daily bump


64b buyout valid for 24hrs

Ingame mail sent!

Acceptin Nolegs 64b buyout offer!
Waiting the ISK and Account name!


Will be on to send ISK as soon as I can. Currently called into work

Great. I can start the transfer when getting up in the morning @ EU timezone.

I am heading to sleep.

I have sent an eve mail to you!
Please respond here or ingame.
I have no clue how long should i wait :thinking:

I reopen the thread since no answer since a week.
Prices are reduced.

Is this still available?

Yes it is

I can offer you 50 bil.

you can see the minimum bid there. :roll_eyes:


But no one seems interested at that price.

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55b b/o