Closed auction

(Burgi Beef) #1

Not selling anymore.

(Burgi Beef) #3

Noticed, ty for bidding from the minimum :wink: !

Since I made the post today, I keep the auction open for a while, lets see if more offers will come.

(Burgi Beef) #4

Daily bump

(Burgi Beef) #5


(Nolegs) #6

64b buyout valid for 24hrs

(Burgi Beef) #7

Ingame mail sent!

(Burgi Beef) #8

Acceptin Nolegs 64b buyout offer!
Waiting the ISK and Account name!


(Nolegs) #9

Will be on to send ISK as soon as I can. Currently called into work

(Burgi Beef) #10

Great. I can start the transfer when getting up in the morning @ EU timezone.

I am heading to sleep.

(Burgi Beef) #11

I have sent an eve mail to you!
Please respond here or ingame.
I have no clue how long should i wait :thinking:

(Burgi Beef) #12

I reopen the thread since no answer since a week.
Prices are reduced.

(SirHackaLot Severasse) #13

Is this still available?

(Burgi Beef) #14

Yes it is

(SirHackaLot Severasse) #15

I can offer you 50 bil.

(Burgi Beef) #16

you can see the minimum bid there. :roll_eyes:

(Iseemir) #17


(SirHackaLot Severasse) #18

But no one seems interested at that price.

(Burgi Beef) #19

Daily Bump!

(Burgi Beef) #20


(Intriguing Stranger) #21

55b b/o