Can fly t2: All t1 frigates that don’t use rockets, any cruisers that use lasers or blasters, proteus, hound, blaster battleships, leshak in a week, MOROS if you buy the blaster spec book.

Remaining Assets: Around 1 bil, and a lot of asset safety wraps that contain at least 1 bil, likely more. A mid grade asklepian pod.

Positive wallet. No bans. No kill rights. Sec status is at -1.5, however this does not restrict access to any of HiSec. Character is 2 jumps from Jita.

I am willing to sell for 30 billion right now, but am accepting offers.

As per CCP rules and regulations, a post for character sale has to be made by the character being sold. Either respond below with that character, or close and reopen the thread and we can then bid. Otherwise your post may get locked.

Confirming this char is being sold, sorry was logged in under wrong alt

no problem. I can offer 18Bil

i counter offer with 27 bil. extration is more than your offer atm

How can you counter offer yourself? That doesn’t even make any sense. If you win, are you gonna buy yourself out, or what?

Extraction with perfect skills is 19Bil. I can offer 19. That’s it.

I meant I was offering to sell for 27. I cant go 19 yet though

No problem. My offer can serve as a bump then.

Dropping price to 25 for quick sale

I offer 20B

can you do 24? if so I can transfer today

no sir

offer accepted. send isk to me and I will transfer it to you by tomorrow (its midnight for me)

My offer still stands

[No Ketchup] sent but didnt post in topic. Working on selling to him

Transfer sent

ah mb forgot to post, transfer confirmed, thank you

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