Sold, transfer started

Update, buyout set at 130B first person at this price gets the character


All races Battlecruiser, Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer, Dreadnought 5, Frigate 5

Assault Frigate 5, Black Ops 5, Capital Ships 5, Command Ships 5, Cov Ops 5, Electronic Attack Ships 5, Exhumer 5, HAC 5, HIC 5, Interdictors 5, Interceptors 5, Logistics 5, Marauders 5, Recon 5, Transport Ships 5

6.5M SP in Armor, 11M in Drones, 14M in Fleet Command, 23M in Gunnery, 13.4M in Missles, 69M in Spaceship Command (nice) and more

Positive isk balance, Sec Status -0.8, No Kill Rights, located in Jita 4-4, 4 Jump clones in High Sec, Mixed Mid and Low Asklepian set, Mid Grade Amulet Set, Medal for Top 32 in Alliance tournament YC116 with No Holes Barred

110B offer

120b o7

130b b/o

Bumping up



131b offer

Thanks for the bids, daily bump, 2 days to go

135 bil

Last bump, closing tomorrow, thanks for all bids so far

Need to retract my offer

Auction closed, @Templesuchen is the high bidder at 131B. Awaiting isk transfer and account name.

No response from temple, so we’ll go down the list to @Random_Elite if still interested

No response from Random Elite, buyout set to 130B first person at this price gets the character

daily bump

125 billions, serious offer with isk ready to be sent when accepted

Accepted, awaiting ISK transfer and account name

isk and account info sent, please start the transfer process.

Character transfer started, should be complete in 10 hours, thank you!