Sold close pls


In Jita, positive wallet, no kill rights, 3x jump clones in Amarr

847k Unallocated SP
No implants of note

Notable ships flown:
Aeon/Archon/Apostle (Carrier 5); Fighters 5, Heavy Fighters 5
Rorqual (Capital Industrial Ships 5)
Redeemer (Black Ops 5)
Gaurdian/Basilisk (Logistic 5)
Tengu/Legion Subsystems 5 (except Amarr offensive 4)
Devoter/Onyx (HIC 5)
Anathema (Cov Ops 5, all scanning skills 5)
All Battlecruisers 5
Transport Ships 5 (Amarr and Minmatar)
Exhumers 5
22.7M SP in Drones generally

Duration 2 weeks
Starting Bid 85B
B/O 130B


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Thanks Yolgezer, daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

Last daily bump, will be sold tomorrow

Auction closed, winning bid from Yolgezer at 99B ISK, awaiting transfer of ISK and account details for transfer

sorry it was too late 16 days passed i cant buy now good sale 2 u,

offer retracted,

99 billions offer was a joke! must be your friend who made that offer. I’ll make you a real offer, 70 billions. this offer is only good for 24 hours.

71 bil

Aish is current high bidder, I’ll be ending this on Wednesday.

i sent in game mail for a private offer if you accept this ill send isk and acc name,
thank you.

in game offer accepted, awaiting isk transfer and account name

what is highest offer ?

isk and acc name sent,

thank you,

ISK received, account name received, character transfer started expected to finish in 10 hours (I think? first time doing this)

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