SOLD .o7
Positive wallet
In Jita
Sec Status 3.0
Remap available x 3
In NPC Corp
No kill righ

Acarrier 5

Scimitar 5/5
Hound 4
min bid: 26b
buyout 32.5b

i will pay 24b for it,lol

Actually I prefer

offer 28b

29b :stuck_out_tongue:

30b post character limit bypass

ty,my friend

are you offering 30?highest for now

yep 30b offer


32,5b buyout

33B offer

wow, that’s beyond my expectation. I think you are the winner

if you are ready you can send isk and mail me your account.

ISK sent and mailed account name ingame.

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just give me a sec, it’s my first time to trade

transfer in progress.
Happy to trade with you.
Zelda is now under your command, fly safe !
o7 :wink:

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received thx

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