Im for sale! Will sell to highest reasonable and fair offer and under the usual Selling requirements

  • Currently in NPC corp
  • I pay the transfer
  • I receive the ISK
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Amarr
  • No implants to mention
  • Remap ready, no extra remaps

64361609 total SP
No negative standing
Remap Available
4 JC
JF lvl 5
Cap ships lvl 5
Gallente Carrier lvl 5

available for immediate Xfer contact can be made in game via an alt

post the skillboard

done :slight_smile:

50B offer

hi and thank for the offer, I was hoping for a touch more maybe? how much can you budge? :slight_smile:

Hi, I can push for 53B offer :slight_smile:

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Welshlegend …well im having a good day in RL so you have a deal at 53b send isk and details

Congratulations on your good day <3 Details and ISK sent :slight_smile:

Just Transferred - enjoy!

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