This character is for sale and here is the Character Sheet:

Character is located in HS station.
Located in a NPC Corp despite what the Skillboard says
Character has Postive wallet
Character has no Kill Rights
Character has Jump clones in Null Space

Give me reasonable offers

11 bill

Looking for a bit more hopefully

12 bill

Would still prefer more but will wait and see and take your offer if it is the only one.

13 bil and you have a deal

13.5b from me

@Cutuk_CEO isk and account info sent

Paul upped his bid to 13.5 do you want to go to 14? I sent isk back

no worries pass

Thanks a lot, Acc name and Isk Sent.

Account transferring, Enjoy!

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Character rcved and all in gd order. Time to invest a bit more in trade and its perfect.
Thank you mate!