Character Sold

  1. Positive wallet
  2. No Kill Rights
  3. Located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  4. NPC Corp (needs to Update)
  5. Remap Available

Starting price 38b

40B OK?

42 and it’s yours

Bump Still for sale

41B OK?

Sorry, can’t get lower than 42

Bump Still for sale

Daily Bump!

Price Reduced to 38b

Daily Bump!

I’ll take it for the 38B

39b offer.

40B offered.

Looking for a little more bump!

42B Offer. I will send isk and account info after your confirmation.

Accepted send isk and info please

sounds good

Account info and isk sent. Please let me know after you’ve initiated the transfer. Thank you.

Isk and Info received transfer Will be completed after 2/13/2024 5:51:39 PM

Character Received. Thanks