Selling myself. I pay the transfer fee.
POS security status
3 Remaps
Located in Jita
Specialized mostly in sub-cap Minmatar & Amarr ships. Dred & Carrier (Minmatar) Level 4 each
PW: 1234

Starting the bid at 45B

I’ll start this at 35b


40 billion


44 billion

45bil then

45.5 billion


Good morning! 46B is highest bid, stepping out for a few hours this morning, will check when I get back, if there is no other bids, 46B wins.

good morning, iskies rdy for this deal and waiting for you)

Hi Spicy Fox, bid accepted. Send the ISK and your account information in the in game mail, and then I’ll start the transfer.

2 minutes

ISK received, just need your account info.

isk and account info sent.

ISK and account info received. transfer started! Enjoy!

yep, comfirmation letter received. Thank you for good deal, have a good day o7

Your welcome!

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