16.3 Mil SP JF/PI/Market Character for sale

20Bil buy out.
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Market Character
Planet Management
Blockade Runner
I can make you isk if you have the time to use my skills. Make your offer!

14b offer

Offer noted.

In Jita, ready to move your stuff out of the war zone or bring more ships in! Lets start at 16bil.

I would like to point out that, you simply can not afford to not buy me. Trust me, I used a Texas instruments calculator to do the computation.

my offer will be up for another 24hrs, if you dont decide by then i will withdraw it

I accept you 14bil offer.

no kill rights and positive wallet right?

No kill rights and positive wallet.

ill send isk as soon as i am home

Post here when you do.

isk sent

Need account info.

evemail sent, let me know if you need anything else

Trans done.

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