WTS 5.6M SP Basic Character Cybernetics 5 3.5B OBO

(Dimitri Rolov) #1

Positive isk wallet
In amarr
No kill rights
Positive sec status

3.5B buy asap please

Not sold
(Dimitri Rolov) #2


(Sliddhy Silf) #3

3b offer

(Dimitri Rolov) #4

Accepted, send isk and Ill begin transfer

(Sliddhy Silf) #5

ISK and account info has been sent

(Dimitri Rolov) #6

Hey just finding out about this ■■■■■■■■ that plex cant be used for transfers?!??! Going to see if I can get 20$ to transfer if not Ill refund isk, let you know shortly

(Dimitri Rolov) #7

Transferring in process thanks for the patience!!

(Sliddhy Silf) #8

Yeah I think you can petition to use PLEX to transfer now. Thank you for the smooth sale :slight_smile:

(system) #9

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