Plex transfer on this one plz. Gm support! (petition sent)

(WarriorSlave) #1

Hello im for sale

  • 13 skills lvl5

  • 6.7M in spaceship command

  • Positive wallet. standings and no kill rights

  • Can fly Covert Ops cyno very good for a alt.

  • Amarr Logistic pilot. lvl4!

This is a good charecter you can build on.

well lets see what i can get for him bid away. thanks guys!

(xalongskam) #2


(Captainamazing) #3

8b bo

(WarriorSlave) #4

captainamazing 8b, will be sold once i get home if i dont get a higher bid (at work atm)

(Captainamazing) #5

what time can you login?

(xalongskam) #6


(WarriorSlave) #7

Captainamazing offerd 8.5b buyout, i will accept this and also transfer the charecter to him with PLEX not sure if it takes longer time or not never done it. thanks!

(Gary Bell) #8


(Captainamazing) #9

isk and acc send
wait trans

(WarriorSlave) #10

Isk resived and petition sent to CCP for transfer with PLEX.

(Captainamazing) #11


Plex transfer on this one plz. Gm support! (petition sent)

(Zoe Plz) #12

I’ve been waiting two days for a plex transfer so far, think there is a bit of a backlog of tickets

(system) #13

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