47.8m SP combat/mining pilot for sale

Not really sure how much im looking for in terms of ISK for this character so ill be taking all offers for him.


Positive ISK
Kill rights on one character (Was suicide ganked in high sec, was NOT autopiloting)
No jump clones
Located in Jita.
Also has the Gold pod implant, as attached below.

Also attaching a picture of the skins ive got for ships.

Ill leave the thread up for a couple of days, or until I feel like a good offer has been presented.

Any other questions, just ask and ill answer to the best of my abilities.


I am interested.

How much is your offer?

I only have PLEX right now,need time to sell it for ISK.

Tell me when you have the ISK ready and we can go ahead and start the transfer.


No problem, ill be on for a little while longer tonight, and pretty much all day tomorrow. For reference, its 10 pm here now.

33B ready.

Sorry for the late reply, Just woke up. As soon as I confirm the isk is in my account I will start the transfer.

convo me in game.

Alright, im online, ill message as soon as I see you online.

ISK sent.

ISK received, ill start the transfer.

Slot is open and ready.

Ah, im gonna need the account name that the transfer is going to, if you can, message it to me in game or here, whichever is easier. Its not letting me use your character name.

Transfer has been initiated.

will post here when bio is complete to transfer

Sounds good. Im going to log out of the character on here now and switch over to my other one.

which method you pay to CCP?
doller or PLEX?

As far as I know the only way to pay for a character transfer is with cash, it didnt give me an option for PLEX

(This is Roccano on my other character)