WTS 43 M RORQ pilot, producer and dread alt

possitive wallet
no kill rights
possitive security
1 remap
located in high sec Kisogo 1.0 system
unallocated sp 378.512
start bid 50 bil

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Stapurla pw : 1234

I would give you 43 like you have in Skills ! thats a fair Prize

Right now

If you read that please get back to me ! Thanks much :slight_smile:

hi i expect a bit more then your offer.gave really much time and effort for this charater. ıf you can go up more i am ready to sell.

Okay 45 ? thats what i can do right now

thats not what i expect for this character sorry.

What do you expect than ?

minimum 50 bil if no other offers can wait if i cant get that amount i wish.

Well than 50 okay !

I had to try :slight_smile:

just check character transfer it dont work for plex did it change ?

No i think you can do it on Plex mate

yeah using plex needs a petition so a GM takes 1000 out of your fault…takes long time thow…ccp is busy

ISk is ready o7

contact me in game if you wish for account information

Yes sure :slight_smile:

Confirming to buy the Char for 50 B

ISK will be ready in afew seconds mate o7

ISK and Account Info Sened o7