WTS 48M SP Rorqual Pilot


I am for sale.


High Sec
NPC Corp
No Kill Rights
Positive Security Status ( 5.00 )
Positive Wallet
Yearly Remap
3 Bonus Remaps

Transfer pay via Credit Card

All CCP Rules apply
Reserve the rights to cancel the sale, if I am not happy with the final price.

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41 b offer

42 b offer

Hm starting good :stuck_out_tongue:
Any more offers ?

well just 1 advice sicne i cant afford it

leave ur corp :wink:
and you might wanna use the time on char bazaar to train mining director cant use the foreman implant till thats on 5 :slight_smile: just as a extra touch

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I am already at NCP corp, dont know, why didnt show it :stuck_out_tongue: and i cant train it, no slot :frowning:

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since ccp changed the ore anomalys today, rorquals get more and more useless…

Well they always change something / edit something, is CCP :smiley:
Anyway the biggest offer is 42 Bills, I can agree with that, will be online today at 20:00 EvE Time, so qingchun_leiwei if you still want this character, send the ISK and ACC name, and I can start transfer the character at 20:00 EvE TIme :slight_smile:


I fix the eveskillboard, is showing now NCP Corp and as well the Character have one Jump Clone at HI Sec.

Are you a plex transfer or a dollar transfer

Hello how the tread said on top Credit Card, so that mean 20 Euro / 20 Dollar transfer.

OK send the isk and account now

Thanks, I will transfer it at 20:00 EvE Time and will post the Transfer Confirmation Email over here :slight_smile:

ok thk

Still at work, but can confirm that I did received the ISK and ACC Name, transfer will be start at 20:00 EvE Time

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Busy Metal

Will be completed after: 12/19/2019 4:54:02 AM

You have chosen to transfer the character Busy Metal to the account named ***********

Transfer ID I have mailed you, thank you

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