$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ [WTB] Jump Freigther Pilots $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

i am looking again for more Rorqual Pilots, need 4 more paying >>> Extraction value that show eveskillboard +10%<<<. should have min 1 remap.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/marcus_algaert Have 1m free so I will go for 33B

@Marcus_Algaert what is the password?


32b here and now?

Bump. need 3 more pls :slight_smile:

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/deathreapor1 - 40 bil isk

Hey, isk and info sent

@deathreapor1 are you alive?


What about me?

Make me a offer :slight_smile:

you have to make a ticket for that not just ping him im not sure if he still activly works for ccp he is stopping as main gm

its a desaster this is my 3 rd scam in 2 weeks… that accounts are hacked or something, the get isk, extract them, rmt the isk and they are fine… no secure for us, it should be like a trade, if both sides confirm, that the char is received, only then the other get the isk. i wrote a ticket, but it need always so long.

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actualy they are not ccp will trace them down they have done that before and they will take "other actions"aswell if they can

it is always sad people abuse char bazaar to do wrong things sicne this is a very good tool
the direct trade is much mroe vulnerable for scams than this method

ccp has employees monitoring the trades and that is as secure as they can make it that is why it can take pretty long to transfer if they have to do a lot of checkups and backtracing

Hi, i am looking for more Jump Freighter Pilots, paying >>> Extraction value that show eveskillboard +10%<<<. should have min 1 remap.


I might be interested… not sure yet though

yearly remap available in 6 days


hi, a little bit to overskilled for a jump freighter^^
i can only bid here 54b

its actully in relation to the alliance forum post where you were asking for rorqual directing to this thread

ahh sorry , edited… no mor euse in rorqs since the nerf

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