WTS 17.6m Frig/Dessie Pilot

Good day

Have a pilot here that I was training yonks ago to fly frigs and dessies.

17.6m (1m unallocated)
Positive wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Amarr
NPC Corp
Remap Available


13B Starting bid

Lemme know if you’re interested o/

11b offer.
Your 13b if it’s a fast sale today.

Nah, that’s not a good offer. To be clear, I’m in no rush to sell the char. I’ve recently come back after about an 8 year break and kind’ve just found her while going through my accounts. I don’t even remember what my plan was for her. I do know that 11 is way too low, and 13 was only to get the ball rolling.

12B offer





Whats Buyout?

14.5B offer


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@Kirsta u here?

15.5 offer
is there an end date or b/o?

16bil. Seller is MIA or somehting…

Yeah sorry guys. Had some irl stuff to take care of. I’ll take the 16b if you’re still interested? Apologies again for the late reply.

16.5 here?

Yup, sure, m8. Accepted. At this point I would just like to end it.

Cheers. Sent you an evemail. I’m ready to process it now.

Isk sent.

Transfer initiated. Thanks o/

thank you.