WTS 18.9 Mil SP Frig/Dessie Pilot

Looking to sell myself, I originally planned to be a PvE pilot, but switched gears to focus a bit more on a PvP aspect.

4/5 support skills
Racial Frigs & Dessies @ 5
Racial Small Weapons Systems @ 5

Unallocated SP - 1,033,348
Located in Jita
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Clean Corp History
No Kill Rights

9.5b available to send now

11b offer

14B buyout, ISK ready now


My offer is 4bil over extraction value, just going to ignore it?

Apologies, I’m not ignoring it per se, just seems a bit low. I am not familiar with the whole “extraction value” thing, but it just seems kind of low.

It’s actually probably the highest offer you are going to get. Most people buying characters aim for around the extraction value (about 10bil in this case). I’m willing to pay 14 because I’m going to use the character, not just rip out the SP and sell it.

Take a look at the older threads around here for characters around 15-20mil SP and how much they sell for, you’ll see 14B is a pretty good offer :smiley:

I am selling myself to Jin Kenai for 15 billion, risk recieved, initiating transfer now.

Transfer begun, pleasure doing business!

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