WTS 18.9 MIl sp, pvp focused


Flat price 15B


god him and the other SP extractors are super low ballers dude dont sell to this guy your pilots worth at least 16 bil. they will tell you its not but dont sell out trust me

13 billion.

Thank you El Cuco wasn’t sure on that offer


Withdrawn. I will let @El_Cuco bid 14b since he likes the char so much :wink:

dont accept anything less than 14 bil bro i promise its worth it

I’ll go 14B

Daily bump

Daily Bumps price change to 15B,

Will you do 14.5B?

I’ll do 14.5B I’ll transfer isk in an hour when I get home from work

Confirm acceptance, and I’ll transfer isk now.

I accept the 14.5b offer for transfer of character previously disclosed. Once I receive the isk I will start the transfer thank you and I hope you enjoy the character

info and isk sent

account Info and isk received, will post screen shot of transfer proof shortly

Character sent,

and thank you

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