i want to sel perfect rorqual pilot

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located In Jita
Positive security status

price starting at 25B

25b i can buy now

i need litle bit more . thanks for biding

26b ready

first who offers 27 takes me home

Okay 27b, but please expedite it. Please update it if you accept my offer so I can transfer ISK.

Accepted. send isk i will start transfer.

27B ISK sent to your character Repoman83, and also sent my account name via in-game mail. Please start transferring your character.

hi, character transfer support ticked created (889107)

Awesome, thanks. I’ll update this post as soon as I receive the character so you can mark this post name as “closed”.

A character transfer have a 10 hour waiting period for security reasons according to CCP Dev, but it already passed 14 hours. I’ll wait 6 hours more, and please update your ticket if it’s still not transferred.

transfer started at 04:41 UTC. check in 6 hours.

I received the character. Thanks!

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