WTS Perfect Rorqual driver 22 mil SP

(GMSI) #1

WTS Perfect rorqual driver 22 mil SP

Begin price: 20 bil ISK
Buyout: 24 bil ISK

Wallet balance.
Kill rights
No kill rights on character.
Jump clones
No jump clones.
Character location.
Hi-sec. Jita 4.

Besides this there are several more characters- perfect rorqual drivers

(Kir51) #2

18 bil

(Gafton) #3

19 bil

(Kir51) #4

19.5 bil

(Gafton) #5


(Timberwulf420) #6

20Billion isk

(79eagle) #7

20.5 bil

(GMSI) #8

I can sale this character 21.5 bils only today.
Not lower than this price. Only today.

(Nikola Tesla26) #9

21.5 bill buyout offer

(GMSI) #10


(Nikola Tesla26) #11

ISK and account info sent

(GMSI) #12

ISK was received.

(GMSI) #13

I have opened a support ticket for PLEX character transfer. Waiting for approval.
The previous time it took about 48 hours. I propose to wait until the work is completed

(Nikola Tesla26) #14

Please let me know as soon the transfer begins.

(GMSI) #15

A have a answer from GM
I’m just transferred your character GMSI to the buyer.
Please confirm when the work is done

(Nikola Tesla26) #16

Character received thanks