WTS Rorqual/Rhea pilot 36M SP

WTS Perfect rorqual driver 36.87 mil SP

Begin price: 30 bil ISK
Buyout: 40 bil ISK

All CCP Rules Apply
Positive Security Status
Wallet balance positive
No kill rights on character.
Jump clones
No jump clones.
Character location.
lowsec station, black rise

character comes with full genolution set equipped

30 is a bit of a reach, but I could get to 27.5 billion

I offer 28b


Kawalski, I would like to come to a buyout offer for your char.
Please check your mail in game. Thank You.

Thank You Kawalski.
Offer agreed in game mail.
Isk and account name sent.

isk received & acc transfer underway

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