WTB Rorqual Pilot

I’m seeking for rorqual pilot with total sp between 25m to 40m, isk is already prepared.

Hello Logic Gu,

I am for sale!!!


I have the 30m sp focused into Rorqaul.

I also have a very cool name that your peer’s will envy you with in the mining belts with!!!

Also a cool Skin: Rorqual Lodestrike SKIN.

If interested PM me an offer or post here.

NPC Corp, Positive Balance, No kill rights, Located in Jita 4-4

Yes truly is a decent character, I want to offer you 20b. As I can see there’s a 27m rorq char dealt with 17b recently and yours has more advantages. So what’s your opinion?

Still opening for offers








focused rorq pilot


Perfect rorqual pilot, 45B if you want


  1. List item

i have a mining character that is almost at flying a roqual. he has assorted other skills as well. Take a look and see if it is what you are looking for. Currently looking for 12b.

  1. 0 isk balance
  2. No kill rights
  3. high sec clone
  4. Current location: Sinq Liason - Coriault - Dodixie
    Marcos Blackthorns Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

How much? also looking to buy a rorq pilot :slight_smile: @Xgfvbhudavu

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