WTS Perfect Rorqual Pilot 25m sp

(Spytfull Ormand) #1

Password: 1234

I’m selling this Perfect Rorqual pilot. i injected him myself just a couple months ago. I’m unable to play right now, my loss is your gain!! ALL CCP RULES APPLY.

He has a set of implants with Mining Foreman Mind Link. (Yes he’s got perfect buffs for miners).
He has T2 Core
He has the ability to fly interceptors
He has the ability to fly a VNI pretty well if you get sick of rolling in isk via mining.
He has JDC4
He is located in Jita.

BUYOUT is hidden
BID starts at 23million

(Morlif Norus) #2

23million isk bid

(Bud Smoking) #3

23 noted thanks for the opener.

(Kosswoman) #4

4b isk bid

(SarnBix) #5

5b isk

(Kosswoman) #6

6b isk

(SarnBix) #7

10b i

(universe48 Zion) #8

11b …

(Otacon SV) #9

12b isk bid

(Harvey Arbosa) #10


(Slug Stew) #12


(dzzzz Shi) #13

24 bil

(Slug Stew) #14

25bil, offer good for 6 hours

(dzzzz Shi) #15

25.5 bil

(Bud Smoking) #16

25.5bn is the highest bid i’m going to give it a little more time.

(Bud Smoking) #17

If you’re still interested let me know. 25.5bn is the highest bid.

(Bud Smoking) #18

This character is no longer forsale. buyout price was reached.

(Code VeronicaX) #19


(dzzzz Shi) #20

26 bil

(Code VeronicaX) #21