Link to skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kad_Kuo

  • Wallet balance : Positive.
  • Kill rights : No.
  • Jump clones : Jita.
  • Character location : High Sec Space.

30b offered

SOLD! Please send the ISK to Anaide and provide the information for trasnfer.

I will sent isk to the character you sold,then you can give it to whoever you want.

Ok. Please send the isk

ok can you wait me for hours? I am selling my PLEX on market.or Do you accpet PLEX? I can give you a little more.

I will accept plex. How much?

Still for sell.

I can do 25b I have funds right now to transfer.

Please do 28 and i’m ready to transfer

I can do 26.5b that is the highest I am willing to go. sorry.

Pls send the details.

Isk and info sent.

ISK received and character has been transferred.

I have forgot to transfer the ISK from the wallet…

I think you have access till it actually is transferred

This character is being transferred to another account and cannot be logged in…

hurm… i can give you the ask after the fact… (in the rules or faq it says i can not keep it ^^) or maybe the gm will take it and give it to you.

Hmm… Do you want to open a ticket?

I have opened a ticket.