WTS Rorqual driver and reprocessing char

(lopusm3) #1

WTS this character
2 in 1!
He can dig up and recycle. And all this with very good quality
in Jita
no corp
32 mil SP
begin price: 32 bils
offer: 34 bils

(crimson 1) #2

34.5 Bil

(lopusm3) #3

accepted. pls transfer ISKs and send me account name for begin operation

(crimson 1) #4

will be home shortly from work. will transfer then.

(lopusm3) #5

As you wish.
Eve is not a game where you need to hurry =)

(crimson 1) #6

Have to Biomass a character on my account. So will send everything to initiate the transfer later tonight or very early tomorrow. thank you.

(lopusm3) #7


(crimson 1) #8

isk send. please start transfer when you can.

(lopusm3) #9

ISK and character name received.
Begin transfer

(lopusm3) #10

I have opened a support ticket for PLEX character transfer. Waiting for approval.
The previous time it took about 48 hours. I propose to wait until the work is completed

(lopusm2) #11

Support reported that the operation is complete. Please confirm

(crimson 1) #12

All done. Thank you!

(system) #13

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