WTS nyx/ thanathos / rorqual driver

(Telescop Blade) #1

WTS my character
I did a lot of different things on it and everything worked out.
32,5 mil SP
in jita
Start Price: 32 bil
Offer: 34,5 bils

(Telescop Blade) #2

bump :trophy:

(Really annoying girl) #3


(Telescop Blade) #4


(Really annoying girl) #5

34bil b\o

(Telescop Blade) #6

we can begin transfer

(Telescop Blade) #7

i’m ready
i’m waiting for mail to this char with name of your transfer-account and 34 bil ISK

(Really annoying girl) #8

Isk and account name sent

(Telescop Blade) #9

I have opened a support ticket for PLEX character transfer. Waiting for approval.
The previous time it took about 48 hours. I propose to wait until the work is completed

(Telescop Blade) #10

GM says that job is done. Please check

(Really annoying girl) #11

Char received. All good. thanx

(system) #12

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