WTS Rorqual driver

(lopusm2) #1

WTS this character
in Jita
no corp
26 mil SP
begin price: 26 bils
offer: 28 bils

(lopusm2) #2

Any suggestions?

(TxivYawg1) #3

19bil buyout offer

(Avallah) #4

22 billions

(Emi T'ey) #5

26b and lets be done already :slight_smile:

(lopusm2) #6

27b and it’s your new character =)

(Emi T'ey) #7

Meet me half way at 26.5 and it’s your old character :rofl:

(lopusm2) #8

Thx for your positive)
transfer 36,5 bils ISK , send the account name and we begin our operation

(Emi T'ey) #9

Umm … you mean 26.5 right?

(lopusm2) #10

yes. I made a mistake

(Emi T'ey) #11

No worries - gimme about an hour until I get home and I will get things started from my side.

(lopusm2) #12

no problem

(Emi T'ey) #13

Mail and money sent

(lopusm2) #14

ISK and mail received
starting operation

(lopusm2) #15

I have opened a support ticket for PLEX character transfer. Waiting for approval.
The previous time it took about 48 hours. I propose to wait until the work is completed

(Emi T'ey) #16

No rush. Am in no hurry. I had to biomass a toon on that account so waiting 10hrs anyhow :grin:

(Emi T'ey) #17

Still waiting for this guy to be delivered by CCP >48hrs now :persevere:

(Emi T'ey) #18

Any update on progress? I haven’t received an email yet from CCP that this has been initiated.


(lopusm2) #19

sorry for long answer(the weekend was a little out of line). But CCP support nothing answered
I duplicated my question. apparently the problem is that our application fell on the weekend. I suggest waiting until Monday. I am sure that there will be a reaction.
This is not the first time I’ve done everything in exactly the same scenario. Always the transfer was carried out.

(Emi T'ey) #20

OK cool spasiba :slight_smile: