Wts 15m sp rorqual pilot


Pilot skilled for Rorqual (PANIC and CORE II too), never joined any corp, 2 remaps.

Additional info:

  1. Wallet balance.
    ~150kk ISK
  2. Kill rights
    No kill rights on character.
  3. Jump clones
    No jump clones.
  4. Character location.

how much?

Start 11bill


12 bil


13 bil


14 bil

I just found out that I need to pay 20 euro for character transfer… What a bad news for me, I promised myself I will not spend any more money on this game :frowning:
Is it possible that buyer will pay for char transfer?

12.5b,and pay for char transfer

I can sell today for 14b + buyer pay for char transfer. If no one will be interested I will wait 2 days and sell for best offer.

13B,and pay for char transfer,If there is a higher price, I quit

We have a deal. I don’t have time today so we will transfer it tommorow ok? I should be after 4 PM CET.
How you will pay for transfer? I never did it so I have no idea.

I think we have time difference, i don; t know how can i pay, char transfer i do not know, i ask gm, how can i do, gm no Reply me

Rules require the seller to pay the fee. But you can petition a GM to use two plex instead. Hypothetically, you could give him the two plex (or isk value of 2x plex) and have him pay that way. Not sure how the rules play out on that one.

Hello angelfishanna rose. I’m online and I will be for a next few hours.
Char transfer cost 20 euro. You can send me 20 euro through paypal (I can send you on evemail my paypal account) or, as Prewarped said, you can give me 2x plex for char transfer in game.

Let me know what is better for you. Waiting for response o/

OK,wait for me ,i go eveonline buy plex

isk and Account send

Transfer paid, I got an information:
"We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Wojciech Dziuk

Will be completed after: 8/20/2017 1:30:22 AM"