WTS rorq pilot


-t2 core
-ice drone
-mining drone
-good shield skills
-jdc 3

i want 18B

I accept 18B.

I have sent you an email in the game. Please confirm as soon as possible.

hey mate i send a mail to ccp, im still waiting.

can you give me one day for that please

Can I transfer isk to you?

If you confirm that I can buy it, I will transfer isk to the designated role.

If ccp accepts my offer i will sell itfor sure. You can send the isk but like i say im still waiting answer from ccp

Okay, I’ll wait for you.

thank you :slight_smile: . i offer the ccp to this ‘‘character transfer thing’’ i just want to do it with plex

Okay, I can understand that when you get a reply, tell me the ID I need to transfer. I pay isk. I’m in China time zone. I’ll transfer it as soon as I see it.

If ccp does not accept plex as a transfer condition, please let me know

I’ll pay a $20 transfer fee, but role 17b

it would be very nice for me cause i cant pay 20$ for that

and i accept 17B if you pay 20$ for transfer fee

Okay, can we trade now?

yes we can do it right now

Which role do I need to transfer isk to?

What do you meant by “role”

Isk-.to the name : Seranye Kaldis’Var, ?

i got it now thx. yes send the isk to this character please

I have sent

look at the eve online now