WTS Focused Rorqual Pilot 20.8mil SP

WTS Focused Rorqual Pilot 20.8mil SP
+sec status
located HS
NPC corp


If you have seen bearing sea gold you will appreciate this miners name

Starting Bid 24bil


20 bil isk

21 bil isk

22 bil


23.5 b/o




24 billion

Offer Accepted. Awaiting isk transfer. Once i have received isk i will transfer plex to vault and file a petition for character transfer with CCP.

Plex Transferred. Please transfer char to my secondary account specified in the Item Exchange description

@Shawn_Pomrenke you initiating or not?

Hi Dude you need to read the forum rules and my previous post. I am still awaiting the isk transfer and will do so until it is received. I have copied and pasted the relevant section below for you.

A. General rules

3. The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK. Characters may not be sold in exchange for items.

As you sent me a contract with an exchange for items there is nothing i can do.

@Shawn_Pomrenke ooooh sorry, you said plex so i assumed it was that. Ok transferring ISK now.

ISK is now transferred. Please let me know of any further issues.

25 billion not interested?

‘‘Damn PiratKa’’ I will give’’ Dorizzdt’’ 24 hours to respond and sort out his isk transfer. if he hasn’t done either by then i will accept your offer.

Sorry sent message wrong character. My statement stands, 24 hours then 25bil offer will be accepted instead

well, if that my offer of 25 billion is valid. I’m at work so I won’t know your decision until tomorrow.

@Shawn_Pomrenke / @abadoon the isk was transferred at 13:17:45 Eve time from this character.