WTS Focused Rorqual Pilot for sale - SOLD


Focused Rorqual with T2 indy core.

In highsec, Pos wallet, Pos Sec status, no kill rights.

25b buyout, transfer paid by me with plex.


Sorry mate, I’d literally make more from extracting the character


19b b/o

still looking for a bit more

how much bro?

hows 22 sound? meet you halfway

deal i am just waiting on some plexes then i will send the isk and account name to you fine

Do you buy all the characters you bid on?

Are you a police of which chars i want to buy?

to my knowledge he is only buying this character, however the same offer of 22b stands if you are interested in any of the others.

I do not want to waste time if you buy that characters

i am buying this toon and other toons yes but some of the toons are just not worth the isk

how many rorquals are you interested in buying?

I need one character but only 20 bills.

two toons

would you be interested in WTS Focused Rorqual Pilot for Sale 16.1m SP price kelevra as well? same price?

as oreo is looking for a toon sell it to him i will look for anther

i was going to talk to him about a different one as i believe that toon is worth more than 20b, however i am willing to do 21b for both valor and pride in a combo deal if that works for you, if not im happy to proceed with the deal on valor alone