WTS 15.9m sp rorqual SOLD


Focused Rorqual with T2 indy core.

In highsec, Pos wallet, Pos Sec status, no kill rights.

21b buyout, transfer paid by me with plex.


17.5b b/o

still looking for a bit more so, bump!

20 b/o

Buyout is REDUCED to 22B

21b this week end, isk rdy

Alright if nobody outbids before I get home from work I’ll accept that. Be about 7 or so hours

Bid accepted, waiting on receival of isk and evemail with destination account.

Please message here as well when isk sent.

Offer still stand?

no reply. buyout 21b

21B isk ready

accepted, send eve mail and isk to greed kelevra, will transfer once confirmed :slight_smile:

Okay, just give me a few minutes

no worries take your time

The ISK has been transferred and the mail has been sent

confirmed received, transfer has been initiated, thanks mate

What the ■■■■ dude !!!

I sent isk les than 24h after the “bid accepted” + account name, and before this “no reply” (mail on valor, since you were using mainly this toon to manage your sale)

You have isk. As long as you have isk this toon is mine. Cancel transfert and move it to MY account.

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