WTS Perfect Rorqual Character 28,5m SP (price reduced)

(braveheart Stirling) #1


I would like to sell the following rorqual toon. It has all relevant skills to 5 and are ready to make them dank isk.

PW: 1234

Minimum offer: 25B
B/O: 30B
Transfer will be done as per ccp rules.

Happy bidding o7

(braveheart Stirling) #2

Still up for grabs

(Jovi Grachus) #3

I’ll offer 22b

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #4

23b offer

(braveheart Stirling) #5

Price lowered

(Aki Naiya) #6

23,5 b

(zero r7) #7

Good day, ready to give you 25 billion, waiting for your reply on the deal

(braveheart Stirling) #8


(zero r7) #9

okay, 26, my last offer.

(Disgruntled Cyno) #10

30b b/o

(braveheart Stirling) #11

B/o accepted send account info in an ingame mail and isk and i’ll get the transfer going later today.

(Disgruntled Cyno) #12

Account name and ISK sent.

(Disgruntled Cyno) #14

Character received, thanks for the sale.

(system) #15

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