WTS 27 Mil SP Rorqual Miner - SOLD

  • Looking to sell a character born 2012-06-16
  • Currently located in High Sec Station (Bourynes), No Kill Rights, Bounties, or any other negative status.
  • Currently positive isk balance ( > 0isk)
  • 1 Remap available
  • Character can fly a Rorqual
  • Email was sent to corp of intent to sell


Starting asking bid is 18B B/O 25B obo
I will of course cover the transfer fee.

18 Billion ISK

18.5 b


20 bil

21 bil

22 bil

23 bill

25 bil

Hey Cupcake, if this offer is still valid, please send the ISK and your account information over and I will initiate the transfer today.

yes I`ll mail you inside game

Download the patch now =。= plz 2 second will be fine

No problem, i’m in game standing by

Payment Received, initiating character transfer.

Initiated Transfer, pleasure doing business with you. Please confirm upon receipt of character when it arrives.

The character has been received。Transaction complete。

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