SOLD 58mill sp Rorqual/Mino/Apostle pilot

Looking to sell this character
Location in NPC station
Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status
No Kill rights
No Bounty

Looking for around 50B

35b offer.

Could you make it 40b?

37 B offer

38 b firm offer


40b b/o

I will transfer the ISK and account details in 5 minutes. Will post here once done.
I see you deleted the post above? Is the offer accepted or not?

no problem, yep all good. @Aelin_Eoner

ISK sent.

Isk received, awaiting account details.

Account details sent just now via in-game mail.

Transfer Initiated.

I will post here once the character will be received. Thank you.

Character well received. Transaction successfully completed.