Selling Focused Rorq/Apostle pilot 28.1m sp

Greetings capsuleers,

I am selling a rorq/apostle pilot. Can fly/use an apostle and has great rorq skills.

MrsMuffins(28.1m sp):

Npc Corp, No jump clones, 1m isk wallet, positive security status, located in highsec.

The character is in a NPC corp even if not updated yet by the ESI

Any questions feel free to ask, thanks.

The seller (me) is fully willing to accept and abide by CCP’s character transfer policies regarding paying the transfer fee and all associated acts stated under the character transfer policies.


18 Bil ready.

18.5 bil

22b offer now


23b offer now

24B offer now I have cash to trade with right away

25B ready

26B offer now

26.5B isk ready


27.5B ready

28B ready

28.5 bill

30B ready

30.5B B/O

31B ready

I accept this offer. Please send isk and account info to MrsMuffins, thanks.

KuangKinGK please abide by the rules and don’t revise the price repeatedly

money and info send