Rorqual pilot/apostle fax character. 31m Sp

(Drrty Abarthe) #1

Selling my rorqual alt. She can fly rorqual very well. And is a good armor fax pilot. Also able to fly amarr carriers and dreads.
Have a bid for 28m on another thread. Keeping it competitive by posting her own thread.
Thank you.

(Popo big) #2

26b offer

(Drrty Abarthe) #3

Popo, still interested?

(Lion Esubria) #4

26.5b offer

(Drrty Abarthe) #5


(Drrty Abarthe) #6

How do we do this Lion Esubria?

(Brock Khans) #7

(Lion Esubria) #8

Ah thought you already sold it?

(Lion Esubria) #9

If it is still available, I’ll send the isk together with the info you need in 24h.

(Drrty Abarthe) #10

Thanks. The other buyer backed out.

(Lion Esubria) #11

Got it. I’ll get myself familiar with the transfer process and get every thing done in one or two hours if possible.

(Lion Esubria) #12

The isk is ready, but I found out that I need to delete one character to leave the slot for the transfer. I already started the 10 hours character termination process, and I’m going to send everything in 12 hours.

(Drrty Abarthe) #13

Appreciated. Shoot me an evemail with whatever info we need to do this

(Popo big) #14

26.5B offer

(Drrty Abarthe) #15

that was already offered by Lion.

(Popo big) #16

27B offer

(Darrell Amatin) #17

does this have either t2 seige or triage?

(Darrell Amatin) #18

or indy core

(Darrell Amatin) #19

nvm lol

(Lion Esubria) #20

Transfer fee and account info sent. Please confirm the reception of all the things you need and start the transfer process :slight_smile: