WTS 69M SP Born-2008 Perfect Rorqual (including ICE mining/repro), AND Apostle FAX Pilot

Rare opportunity to buy a great FAX/Rorqual pilot born in 2008 with 69M skill points.
Check me out here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kopotan (pass 1234)


  • All PERFECT Yield Rorqual skills, including Capital Industrial V, Mining Drone Specialization V
  • Perfect Ice mining drones V for ice excavators AND perfect Ice reprocessing (fuel your Rorqual for free!!),
  • Maxed jump drive skills, including Jump Drive Calibration V - max range!
  • Ready to support your fleets with exceptional skills for Amarr Apostle Force Auxiliary FAX; or other FAX ships with a little extra training

All CCP Rules Apply
In NPC corp
No kill rights
Positive wallet balance

Can transfer quickly. Starting bidding at 65B - Buyout 75B

bumping up

Can offer 58B



bid withdrawn


Bumpy Bumpy

55B offer

I can only 50 bil

Closer to 60B… Bump



Still looking?



55.5 bil


Ok - I can do 55.5B. Can you do funds transfer today?

Isk and account info sent. please start the transfer process.