WTS 60M SP - Rorqual, Revelation and amarr/minmatar subcap pilot

(Brain Freeze) #1

Selling myself

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Brain_Freeze pw: 1234

When sold character will be in a NPC corp, -0,25 sec status, positive wallet. +5 implants clone comes with it, provided I can move it to hisec safely without welping (which I sincerely hope). No killrights.
All CCP rules apply.


  • JDC 5, JFC 4
  • can fly Rorqual (t1 siege) + excavators
  • can fly Revelation (t1 siege and guns)
  • focus on Amarr and Minmatar subcaps: can fly T3C, Logi, HAC, Recon, AF, dictor, T3D, bombers, transport ships and a bunch of other stuff including triglavian shipline up to Leshak
  • good scanning skills (astrometric 5), cyno 5.
  • good all around pilot: I decided not to go full V with this one unless necessary, and as a result it can really fly a lot of stuff.

Starting bid 55 b, 70 b buyout.

(Brain Freeze) #2


(Maizie Fields) #3

55 billion

(Brain Freeze) #4

Your offer is noted Maizie, I hope I’ll be able to get something more out of this though.


(Titan Fires) #5

56 billion ISK right here