WTS 60M SP - Rorqual, Revelation and amarr/minmatar subcap pilot

Selling myself

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Brain_Freeze pw: 1234

When sold character will be in a NPC corp, -0,25 sec status, positive wallet. +5 implants clone comes with it, provided I can move it to hisec safely without welping (which I sincerely hope). No killrights.
All CCP rules apply.


  • JDC 5, JFC 4
  • can fly Rorqual (t1 siege) + excavators
  • can fly Revelation (t1 siege and guns)
  • focus on Amarr and Minmatar subcaps: can fly T3C, Logi, HAC, Recon, AF, dictor, T3D, bombers, transport ships and a bunch of other stuff including triglavian shipline up to Leshak
  • good scanning skills (astrometric 5), cyno 5.
  • good all around pilot: I decided not to go full V with this one unless necessary, and as a result it can really fly a lot of stuff.

Starting bid 55 b, 70 b buyout.


55 billion

Your offer is noted Maizie, I hope I’ll be able to get something more out of this though.


56 billion ISK right here

Bumpo, trained into other small goodies (AFs, EAS) in the meanwhile.

57 bi!!

Bump, trained into logi frigs as well now.

I did some maths. Current skill extractor value is around 460 m in game, while skill injector value is around 995 m: that makes the cost of 500k sp around 535m. If I decided to extract the toon dry I’d have (60-5) = 55 m SP to extract, for an approx profit of 58.85 b. let’s make that 59 for the sake of simplicity.
Sooo, I’m kinda attached to this toon and I’d rather have him survive, but offers under 59 b are a net loss for me.
Also, may I point out the investment in skill books this toon is well over 3b alone, because capital skills are effing pricey plus it has basically injected all subcaps in the game (blops and bridge skills included, albeit not trained) and rorquals and precursor stuff?
FFS this is an AMAZING toon, can fly everything, why are you people not interested in it? rrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I suppose this is my bump!


I think your characters and quotes are very good. I have a friend who wants to buy characters. I will recommend it to him.Please wait a few hours.

He expressed his willingness to provide the 60B ISK. Can you accept it?

He has already sent you an email in the game.

hey, sorry I’ve been out of town. at this point i’m kinda questioning if I want to sell to be completely honest, but anyway, can you have your friend post here with his offer? thanks + cheers.

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