WTS - Rorqual pilot - 33m SP

Great combat or mining rorq pilot.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jenaveve_Valenti (1234 password)
Key skills:

  • Capital Industrial Ship - 5

  • Industrial Reconfiguration - 5

  • Mining Drone Operation - 5

  • Mining Drone Specialization - 5

  • Jump Drive Calibration - 5

  • Jump Drive Operation - 5

  • Amarr Carrier - 1

PS I’ll be selling using plex to transfer the pilot so there might be slight delays (depends on CCP)

Starting bid: 25b
Would like to sell by the end of the weekends.

25B offer

26b offer

27b offer

Thanks for the offers!

Let’s make it official:
the auction is till Sunday 11:00PM EST (Monday 4:00AM EVE time)
The highest bidder will get it.

PS. Neural Remap is available.

28b for today

28.5 buy out

message deleted

less than 3.5 hours left :parrot:

message deleted

29 BO now

30b offer

31 BO


@ianking_Ambramotte you got it
send the isk, which account to send the pilot to (through an ingame email).
I’ll initiate the transfer then.

Well, I’m working. Can you wait till I get off work? Expected 8 hours

@Jenaveve_Valenti Isk and account information have been sent, please confirm

Got the isk this morning. Have just created a support ticket to initiate transferring the pilot. Will let you know once hearing back from them. Thanks!

@ianking_Ambramotte CCP has initiated the transfer.

@Jenaveve_Valenti No CCP mail was received for role transfer.