Wts Rorqual character

sell myself for 56b bid


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I hope you are mine.But the price is expensive.

how much you want?

How about 50Bil?

52b maybe ok

OK.Can you wait for me for a few days?I’d like to see if there’s anything else.

ok!!!i wait

Thank you.It won’t take too long.

if you really like! send message to me in game


I’ll take 56b bo

I’ll send my account and the isk as soon as i get home

ok!i wait for you!

Oh,no.I can offter a higher bid,if you can wait wait for less than two days.

how much you want?

I can offer 58B.Tomorrow evening at the earliest.


you said 56b is a bo my friend

you send to me 56b
i made it

you and he ,anyone send me isk i give my character