WTS rorqual specialist ( 47 m sp)

Hi, I am looking to sell industry/mining focused character


Sec. status 1.4, no killrights, 4 jump clones, joined npc corp, moved into high sec, hangars cleaned out, wallet without isk.

Bidding starting from 32 bil isk

31b so

32bil herr

32 bil bid accepted.

Hi, is your 31 bil bid still actual? Another buyer is not responding to me

yes it is

Ok, lets do the deal then

so u comfirm accepting my offer 31b

yes, I confirm your 31 bil

Isk and email sent

BTW could i ask you to give me an update once the Transfer is started

best regards

Hello , are u still there?

Price was to good, this might be a scam.

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