WTS 37M SP Rorqual Pilot

WTS This Character

Make an offer here I won’t check mails

Looking for offers over 28b or ill just extract.


Located in low sec Aridia

28 bil

Will be on in roughly 8 hours.

Offer no longer accepted

29.5 bil


As per the rules I exercise my right to return and idk sent to me and accept the 30b offer from Kagun

Please send isk and account details.

Sure, I have a birthday today(irl),will send iskies in 3-5 hours if you don’t mind.Thank you in advance,isk ready.(Kagun has been deleted,he is in doomheim, I will send isk and details from this toonie

All good. Send when you can.

Will send in 25 mins - 1 hour :slight_smile: Thank you for awaiting. :heart:

ISK and account info have been send. Please, confrim :slight_smile:

Received. Sending Character Now.

I made an error he is in Khanid Low Sec. Do you want me to move him to high sec?

No, that’s fine :slight_smile: (Location is not the main point for me) Everything is good.

OK transferring. I moved him most the way he is only a few jumps out from high now. docked.

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sent thanks

Thank you also.

Toon recieved, thank you!

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