[SOLD] WTS 40 Million SP character / Rorqual

I’m up for sale.



  • Positive sec status
  • No implants or jump clones
  • No kill rights
  • Bonus Remaps: 2

Starting bid: 30Bil
Buyout: Make an offer

Thank you

My bad ! Here the good char

I confirm that this character is for sale

31 b b/o?

32 bil

32.5 bil

33 bil, salty tears come to my eyes when I think I have to part from so much ISK

33.5b, my tears are salter.

34b bid

34,5b, I am cutting myself without a knife.


send isk and account info

if he doesnt buy im only now with 35b can transfer right now

No answer for now.
Let’s wait until tomorrow 05h PM Eve Time

Hey! Money and account sent :slight_smile:

I start the process right now


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