Rorqual 13m sp for sale

tech 2 industrial core, 11b is the price, wanna sell it fast as possible

Ill take it for 11b

waiting for your email in game

Can u confirm the char is for sale with the char itself, i think thats one of the rules anyways. So i can send a mail to that char with the money.

hmmm You can just mail to that character and I will reply it, does that confirm it’s me myself who wants to sell the character?

No u need to post in the forum post with the char thats for sale to confirm its for sale.
Then ill mail u the account and send money

Does that mean a new topic? or can I just reply in this topic? I will do this

In this topic its fine.

done it

this character IS FOR SALE

I’m sure it’s fine dude

Money and mail send

got the money and the mail, in process

done the transfer

(I would have paid 13 billion for that if youd have left it up a little longer.)

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